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Homeowner Resources

We understand that being a homeowner means you have one heck of a hat collection. One day you may be the handy-person, while the next you find yourself playing a master gardener, interior designer or even your own CPA, and asset manager.
Short of sorting through hours of online how-to videos, podcasts, and unsolicited advice from your favorite neighbor, where do you start?
The answer is…right here!
At Sammons+Co we are just as dedicated to cultivating savvy, well-informed homeowners as we are satisfied and successful real estate clients. Long after the keys change hands we will continue to be your best resource for everything related to your home.
From the name of an electrician, architect, or insurance agent, to advice about updating your home and regular maintenance, to how best to manage the financial aspects of one of the biggest assets you own, we have you covered.

Your home is your investment, and long after closing day, Sammons+Co will be here to help you find the best resources for nurturing that investment. Let us help connect you with the best and most reliable vendors and experts, from insurance agents and architects to electricians and contractors — and everything in between.

Wondering how on earth to create an open floorplan, the best way to start a basement refinish, or what improvements will or won’t increase your home value? We’ve seen it all over the years and can help you visualize and evaluate your home’s potential. We also know what’s worth your time and why, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Check our blog for great tips on becoming a savvy homeowner and critical updates on the real estate market trends. You’ll find a wealth of information on how to protect, maintain and maximize your home investment.

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