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Selling a Home

With Sammons+Co, selling your home starts with understanding what is most important to you in the process.
Whether your goal is to sell quickly, make a smooth transition to your next home, or pull off a stars-must-align type of investment strategy, we’ll help you find clarity, establish priorities and break the process down into manageable steps.

Our hands-on approach to valuing property looks at pricing from every angle, including from the buyers’ perspective among a broader landscape of homes. Our unique formula is part big-picture market trends and part intimate neighborhood-level details—all filtered through our experienced analysis into a balanced pricing strategy proven to entice buyers and maximize your home’s market potential.

We’ll help you organize your to-do list, supporting you in decisions about repairs, upgrades and tasks to get your home ready to sell. In many cases, we can save you time and money by directing you toward options that will have the highest net return on your investment and that fit in to your timeframe.

From there, our marketing machine kicks into high gear. We’ll mobilize our carefully chosen team of professional designers, artists and creatives to create a marketing experience anchored by striking media and a compelling story that potential buyers will connect with. And when your home is ready to make its big debut, our finely tuned process ensures your home will garner the attention of a broad audience, both online and in person.

  • Friendly, fun and pressure-free conversations—human to human!
  • Holistic approaches that consider your unique situation and home
  • Unbiased, mindful advice to help navigate unique market conditions
  • Proven top-tier marketing that connects with buyers on a real level
  • Transparent and well-defined processes at every stage

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