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Investing in Property

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait,” the actor Will Rogers once advised. 
In Colorado especially, home and property purchases have historically proven to be effective ways to build prosperity, both in the short and long terms. But the true key to success is choosing the right homes to invest in.
At Sammons+Co, we’ve been helping clients make smart property investments and navigate the idiosyncrasies of the Front Range market for close to two decades.

Looking for a trusted guide for your investment purchase? We work with first-time and seasoned investors alike and will immediately set out to map your individual goals. One-size-fits all is no way to approach investing. So, whether you’re thinking of the long-term or near future, income generating or equity building, we’ll help you narrow down your strategy and options through honest conversation.

Once we’ve worked through your goals together, we’ll compare the potential of your investment options and provide a forecast “spectrum” that evaluates the potential peaks and valleys of each investment. This is a transparent discussion where you can see the big picture of all the possibilities and go into an investment with your eyes wide open. From the beginning, we’ll plan for cash-out timelines and exit strategies that work for you.

And because becoming an investor means becoming the custodian of a home while you’re building wealth, we’ll support you with knowledge and resources to care for your property and support the well-being of your tenants, too.

  • Education-forward, data-driven approach so you go in fully informed
  • Highly personalized options that keep you in your comfort zone
  • Invaluable resources and advice for home flips, long- and short-term rentals and more
  • Clear and compassionate communication
  • Long-range foresight, planning and exit strategies

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